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BridgeGate Managed File Transfer

In today’s collaborative environment, more companies are required to move and share larger volumes of data.  To handle the secure transfer of data, they are looking for a robust Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution.  They are searching for solutions that:

  • Provide better protection and controls around sensitive corporate information
  • Ensure they meet their service level agreements
  • Leverage new and legacy IT systems to meet new business objectives
  • Adhere to tighter government regulations
  • Do not require massive IT resources and manual tracking of file transfers

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer™ is a proven solution that moves data securely and provides your enterprise  greater control and visibility of the massive movement of mission-critical data.  This solution is part of the BridgeGate Integration Suite and it helps companies manage data growth, streamline IT and business operations and facilitate the tremendous growth of data.

What is Managed File Transfer?

Companies of all sizes transfer files internally between servers and externally between trading partners via email and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).   Many organizations do not have the resources , controls or systems to easily manage and govern these file transfers.   This can detract from a company’s day-to-day business and its strategic initiatives and make life difficult for partners.

Managed file transfer (MFT) refers to software that facilitates the secure transfer of data from one computer source to another through a network.  MFT outperforms FTP because MFT has security features to encrypt and ensure data integrity.  It can also confirm the identity of the target or sending system.  The IT department often addresses security by using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or FTP over Secure Sockets Layer (FTPS), but these methods are costly and require constant monitoring that causes IT staff to react after the fact.  Further, FTP solutions are only point-to-point – they lack the ability to automatically route files based upon content or internal policy.

BridgeGate Helps Companies Migrate to MFT

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer helps organizations monitor, govern and manage file transfers.  BridgeGate MFT provides a single solution that integrates internal systems and external partners and facilitates the movement of files from a single centralized location, no matter how geographically dispersed the organization may be.   With BridgeGate you get real-time integration of diverse applications and data sources, and the assurance that your data is delivered at the right destination and the right time.

With BridgeGate you have both internal and external connectivity.  You achieve internal connectivity between various systems, hardware and software, from application to application, or operating system to operating system.  And for external connectivity BridgeGate MFT replaces FTP and email transfers and offers numerous templates for rapid on-boarding of partners.  Large groups of users are not an issue and service level agreements (SLAs) are provided for the organization and its partners, which automates the process and enhances the experience for partners.

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer enables:

  • Secure transfer on multiple protocols offers a better alternative to regular email
  • Central visibility to manage and rapidly resolve issues
  • Rapid deployment  / provisioning
  • File  /data transformation
  • Workflow and event management
  • Audit trails are comprehensive and include real-time data across all managed servers
  • Prebuilt templates that simplify automation
  • Multiple application, operating system support
  • Highly-optimized data delivery
  • Reports, auditing and validation of data — to better monitor activity, identify issues and quickly resolve issues during transfer

The Benefits of BridgeGate Managed File Transfer

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer provides a comprehensive solution to facilitate all types of file movement, with the ability to handle any file format, any size file, via any protocol, over all of your internal and external connections.  BridgeGate enables seamless and secure integration of key business processes to enhance the way you do business.  Benefits include:

  • One centralized, automated place to manage data and file transfer
  • Removal of risk associated with manual or unmanaged file transfers
  • Improved reliability and performance
  • Meeting SLAs to help improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased business efficiency through fewer exceptions

How is BridgeGate MFT Different?

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer differs from other solutions in these ways:

  • Real-time (vs. batch, or daily) file transfer and visibility to track transactions, users and systems
  • Robust scalability and the ability to integrate with existing file transfer solutions
  • Validation at file level and inside file using our translator
  • File mapping takes hours or days instead of months
  • We provide all MFT functionality with no custom coding

BridgeGate Managed File Transfer helps you gain visibility and control of your information, by consolidating silos of information and securely and quickly transferring that data inside or outside your organization to support your business objectives.  Leading companies use BridgeGate to help them manage data growth, have real-time visibility of file transfers, decrease new connection set up times and reduce the risks associated with unmanaged file transfer.

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