BridgeGate helps healthcare and government organizations achieve their compliance and interoperability goals.  Integration is critical to the success of these projects.  BridgeGate handles huge volumes of data and very complex data, no matter what formats your systems and applications use.

With BridgeGate you can have confidence that your data is being sent and received accurately and securely, no matter the format or language that your systems use to communicate.

Healthcare Organizations

  • Concerned about HIPAA compliance?
  • Working on your ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion?

Standards are constantly changing in healthcare and there is always compliance work to do.   Keeping up with the change can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.  But rather than waiting for things to settle in the healthcare industry, progressive organizations are putting the solutions in place that help them feel certain that their data is meeting the necessary requirements.

BridgeGate helps healthcare organizations meet standards requirements such as HIPAA and enable conversions like ICD-9 to ICD-10.  When patient information is passed electronically, organizations can have confidence with BridgeGate that it’s being passed securely, in the right format and to the right person, every time.  True interoperability with partners becomes possible when BridgeGate’s interface engine is deployed.  Whether you have thousands of interfaces to worry about, hundreds of applications, or very complex data, BridgeGate can handle it for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Find out how BridgeGate’s solutions are implemented in days versus weeks or months, and how our solution offers one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry (during and after implementation).


Government Agencies

  • Do you need to make legacy systems work with newer systems to avoid islands of information?
  • Are you certain your data is securely exchanged every single time?
  • Are you confident you can meet government interoperability and transparency requirements?

You’ve been asked to ensure your agency is transparent and that you are collaborating with other agencies that need your information to streamline their operations.  But how do you “open the books” and become more transparent without jeopardizing data security?  Never before have U.S. government agencies been asked to integrate their data at the level at which they are being asked now.

Transparency and openness will require extensive integration among government agencies.  Integration and automating the flow of data with BridgeGate will provide your organization with a flexible and responsive infrastructure to meet today’s mandates.

Steps to True Interoperability and Compliance

BridgeGate has a very flexible integration solution that helps improve the flow of data, turning it into actionable information.  With better visibility and flow of data, organizations can start to automate their workflows and improve their business processes.   They can also use that information to make better decisions.

BridgeGate and takes you though the steps necessary to prepare for a typical integration project that will help you meet your interoperability and compliance goals:

  1. Readiness Assessment – we will work with you to determine the level of awareness to address new standards and mandates.  As a part of this step, we perform a gap analysis identifying what systems and applications you have in place currently vs. what the new standards require, and help you with a step-by-step process to prepare for standards compliance or interoperability in your unique situation.
  2. Business Impact Assessment – with this systems and application inventory, we’ll conduct a risk assessment you can deliver to the executive team, that will detail the processes and personnel likely to be impacted by the new standards, while recommending courses of action and solution options.
  3. Implementation – we will work with your project team to connect the data and systems necessary to handle the new standards or interoperability mandates, re-engineer workflows and processes, test all systems, help with change management and offer training and support.  We ensure that all incoming and outgoing communications (internally and externally) are planned for and handled properly as data is exchanged.

Finding an integration solution that handles complex data, works with older and legacy systems, scales and adapts as your organization changes and handles all compliance and interoperability requirements is a challenge.  But it doesn’t have to be challenging, and BridgeGate is one of the quickest-to-implement integration solutions on the market today, and one of the most cost-effective.

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