BridgeGate HIPAA Compliance Framework

The BridgeGate HIPAA Compliance Framework prepares organizations for HIPAA compliance with quick-to-implement data translation and validation processes for all HIPAA transactions and rules.  This framework helps organizations migrate to HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 and any other evolving HIPAA standards.  The framework offers validation support for all available HIPAA rules and transaction sets, ensuring clean and exact mapping of data between versions.


  • Real-time and batch processing conversion of files as well as powerful online transactions
  • User-friendly dashboard provides at-a-glance information to make better decisions
  • Rapid interoperability with other healthcare applications (EHR, EMR, Rx, PMS, LIS, etc.)
  • Robust data mapping and validation processes
  • Prompt alerting and error handling to identify and understand issues with inaccurate data and move them toward resolution


  • Ability to enable HIPAA compliance conversions though better integration
  • Clean, accurate data every time, no matter the format you need to receive or send it
  • Speed up your integration from providers to payers – submitted claims are quicker and the long-term maintenance of this process is easier
  • Easier interaction with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) – better integration provides them with flexibility in how they collect and transmit data
  • The same integration technology used to enable HIPAA compliance can also be used to increase operational efficiencies in other areas of your organization

HIPAA Compliance Framework
Billing & Claim Module | Enrollment Module | Eligibilty Module