BridgeGate Billing & Claims Module

BridgeGate Billing & Claims Module


The BridgeGate Billing & Claims module helps organizations accurately exchange electronic billing and claims data with their partners (no matter the data format) which provides better visibility of the entire process.  The module includes automated templates and workflows, along with an event management capability to correct any inaccurate data being sent or received.  The entire billing and claims process is automated and monitored, and users are alerted quickly if their organization receives inaccurate data.



  • Automated EDI templates allow you to perform billing and claims tasks more efficiently and with better data
  • Employee, customer and partner information is accessible from one central, real-time, enterprise repository
  • Enhanced transaction management and workflow management — create simple to very complicated workflows in complex environments
  • Comprehensive error handling and ability to leverage your existing validation rules, which helps your staff quickly identify data errors and gaps



  • Transaction processing becomes more efficient, productive and streamlined, while continually reducing costs
  • Have visibility of profit and loss in a near real-time view
  • Proactive management of patients and better management of payers and their data
  • Have the proper data fed into the systems that can view past data and predict future needs
  • Manage requests for claim status against a configurable timeline and business rules


Built-In Templates

Healthcare Claim Payment (Explanation of Benefits)

ANSI X-12 EDI 835 – HIPAA 4010A1/5010

Healthcare Claim Status

ANSI X-12 EDI 276/277 – HIPAA 4010A1/5010

Healthcare Claim (Institutional, Professional and Dental)

ANSI X-12 EDI 837 – HIPAA 4010A1/5010


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