BridgeGate Connect

BridgeGate Connect™ enables the secure movement of data between organizations or systems without the need for complex IT infrastructures such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). BridgeGate Connect™ is a perfect solution for any organization needing secure data transfer between systems. The installation and setup process is quick and simple just download the software or install the Connect Hardware Appliance.

BridgeGate Connect

Start exchanging data in minutes.


BridgeGate Cloud Services

  • Workflow Management
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Forwarding / Routing
  • Secure Manage File Transfer

Administration is web-based

  • Easily establish an automated data transfer without direct involvement of IT resources
  • Data security is ensured with SSL encryption
  • Securely Transfer data (EDI, NCPDP, HL7, XML, MDS, OASIS, etc.) between multiple systems
  • Simplify communication between Labs, Billing system, EHRs/EMRs and Healthcare Information Exchanges
  • Additional Workflow and Data Transformation services available via the BridgeGate Cloud